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rob kircher


My interest in photography started over 25 years ago when I took my first photography class. Back then I used an Olympus OM-1n fully manual SLR which I absolutely loved and still have today. I shot mostly black and white film and did all my own developing and printing. Buried in a box someplace I have rolls of negatives and binders full of prints.

Fast forward several years and my trusty old OM-1n was just plain worn out. Light meter didnít work anymore, the aperture blades in my 50mm lens would often stick and a few other sundry issues forced me to put the camera away. By this time life had taken over and with raising kids, paying mortgages, and a list of other priorities just didn't leave any money to replace the OM-1n so I decided to wait until I could afford good equipment, and I waited, and waited, andÖ

In the mean time my lovely wife Terry had been shooting first Pentax and then with Canon film equipment, which would influence my future choices, for years. She too is very talented especially with portraiture work and she has a keen eye for good composition; things that come very naturally to her but are work for me.

In spring 2004 I went down to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the NASCAR race weekend armed with my daughters Point and Shoot camera. By the time I left Atlanta I was so frustrated with the shutter lag of a P&S I decided then and there that by 2005 race weekend Iíd have a new camera and appropriate lenses to go with it. To that resolve, I bought my first Canon DSLR around Christmas that year. A Digital Rebel was all I could afford but it sure was better than that P&S and even nicer to have a (D)SLR camera again. Since then Iíve added a 20D and a 1D Mark III to my collection along with several quality lenses, flashes, and other necessary accessories.

Over the past few years Iíve had a blast relearning everything I learned years ago with that OM-1n along with all the new things that come with shooting and developing digital images.  Although still burdened with many of the same responsibilities that kept me from photography for many years, I'm finding that having the occasional release of picking up the camera is well worth the expense both Terry and I have incurred to support our hobby. 

I certainly hope you enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I've enjoyed creating them.

Rob Kircher


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